Standout This Fall with the Latest Designer Bags

Perhaps, all of you might have heard of this statement, which is very true. The way you choose and carry your bag reflects your personality, nature, and mood at the moment. No matter, what bag is it, be it cross body or messenger bag, tote, or clutch, everything you carry mirrors who you are.

Not all fashion houses and brands will agree on a particular thing, but here is what we have scrutinized to offer you a plethora of designer bags that are going to be the next hot thing of the season.

So, here we have some of the best designer bags that are all set to rule the fashion world now…

Take a look here!

  • Gorgeous Gucci

One of the brands that is all set to rule this fall is the beloved Gucci. Oh! What bags it is coming up this season! Just one look and you will fall in love with them.

This is what we call as Real Gucci!

Some more of Gucci this season!

And, after this colorful treat, some more from this brand!


  • Lavishing Louis Vuitton

Another brand that has come up with some of the best designer bags is Louis Vuitton. This time they have introduced some of the coolest bags that can simply add to the style quotient of yours. Here are some of those awesome bags!

Animal printed bags are totally in. And, with such magnificent bag, no one will deny to carry that print.

This solid classic bag from LV is another thing that you must go for this season.

See, even celebs are after it! So, get one LV bag this fall and be ready to turn every head while you walk on the streets.

  • Classy Celine

Even Celine is no behind when it comes to offering some of the coolest designer bags. Just like other popular brands, Celine is also coming up with some gorgeous bags that anybody will die for. Just be careful that you get to know a few tips on spotting a fake Celine.

  • Charming Chanel

Who doesn’t know this brand? Well the runways are overflowing with these bags this fall. And, here are some of the best pieces that you would love take home with you.

Superb black bag with a touch of white and silver!

Just the perfect match for your outfit!

Looks like someone has cut it from the outfits

Handbags rules! But, the trend change with season and year. And, this year and season is all about shine and glitters. You might have noticed that most of the brands have introduced some smartly designed bags studded with the jewels and gems.

It seems that ladies are all set to shine through, as they will carry these awesome bags. And, as they say that handbags reflects the personality, with these bags, the personality of every single lady will sparkle bright making them look stylish and chic throughout the year.

So, hey ladies, get up and go to the shopping malls to uncover these cool range of designer bags that are waiting just for you!

Stay Stylish!