Having the perfect garden during summer

Gardening is something that many people enjoy.  While there are some people who enjoy doing their own gardening, cultivating and taking care of their own yard and garden, and picking out what they will plant during various times of year, there are also those who like gardening for a different reason.  Some people enjoy the beauty of having a yard that is attractive, so although they do not choose to do their own gardening, they do like to have someone else do it for them so that they can get the benefits.  Either way, having a beautiful garden will make your home come together and be all that you want.

What types of things should I grow during the summer?

  • Lantana

No matter what climate you live in, you will most likely see latana growing somewhere.  It is a great choice for many gardens because of the hearty nature.  It can withstand the heat and not be hurt by it at all.  There are many different color combinations of lantana that you can look for, and the different color combinations also change the way that the plant grows.  Some lantana are low and wide, which means that they are low to the ground but spread in different directions.  Other versions of lantana are narrow but grow very tall.  In addition to their beauty, if you enjoy having butterflies near your home, they are extremely attracted to lantana.

  • Verbena

Another popular favorite, verbena is a strong survivor throughout the summer.  They usually can start to bloom in the late spring, almost into the summer.  The blooms can last through the most part of the summer and the heat if taken care of properly.  There are many different colors for you to choose from, and they are fairly easy plants when it comes to upkeep.

Gardening Tips

  • Zinnia

Zinnias are a favorite of many people.  One of the best things about zinnias is that they make great potted plants, and you can put a large number in one pot and have a very colorful array of flowers.  Zinnias are dependable in most every climate, and you can plant them at any time and have the same result.

  • Black-eyed Susan

Some of the most popular and simply beautiful flowers, these flowers are extremely durable and easy for anyone to grow.  The nice thing about Black-eyed Susans is that they grow very early during the summer, and if you cut them back at the same time, they will rebloom and give you another round of flowers.

Are there any precautions I should take for my plants during the summer?

  • Use mulch that will hold moisture into your soil

There are times during the summer where the soil can very easily dry up due to the high heat and periods of no rain.  If you use certain types of mulch on top of your soil, it will hold in the moisture from the water and keep your soil from drying out.

  • Water multiple times a day to avoid the water evaporating in the garden

If you are only watering once a day, it will not be enough.  The flowers will end up withering away.  If you are unable to find time to do the watering, set up a sprinkler system to make sure that the watering is done properly.

  • Arrange your plants so that you can address their water needs

One of the best gardening tips is to group your plants together by water need.  By grouping your plants together by the type of water that they require, you can be sure to water them properly without overwatering or under watering plants around them.

No matter if you are the type of person who likes to do their own gardening or if you like to have a beautiful garden and have someone else doing the work to help you, gardening tips such as these will give you ideas about how you can adjust your garden during different seasons and in different climates so that you will have the most beautiful garden possible!