Choosing the Best Email App for Windows: Important Tips to Consider

Everyone has different needs when it comes to managing their email. As such, it is highly advisable to choose an email app that meets your requirements. Currently, there are numerous email service providers that may be broadly grouped into two; email clients and web based services. Although different people may have varying preferences, various research findings indicate that email clients are the most preferred option. However, there are numerous email clients to choose from today. If you are looking forward to upgrading from either the Windows 10 Mail App or Outlook email clients, you should opt for an email app that is superior to the two. The following are some of the main considerations you need to make, in this regard.


Your preferred email client option should offer an app that is optimized for speed. Such an application will ensure that your urgent messages are delivered in time. This being case, you should consider the workflow speed as well as the processing speed of your preferred offered by your preferred email client. Some of the capabilities that make email applications more productive include:

  • In-line reply
  • Keyboard reply option
  • An inline action bar
  • Speed reader for the first email
  • Advanced touch support
  • Ability to group all your email accounts into one
  • Multi-account support on POP3 and IMAP platforms
  • Quick compose capabilities


Whether your preferred email app service is paid or free, you should emphasise on security when choosing the most appropriate email client. The best client, in this regard, is one that offers tight security for documents and information shared through their application. An app with good security measures will prevent sensitive information, such as bank account numbers or information on tax returns for your business from falling into the wrong hands. In this case, you need to consider such security measures as phishing and spam filters, two-factor authentication support and built-in antivirus. The leading email clients today use the best technology to handle your messages and incorporate such features as email encryption to ensure that your email messages are safe.


As unique as your email messaging needs may be, you will need an email client that offers almost all email messaging features in one package.  The best email apps today combine superior features and capabilities, such as Messaging, Email, Calendar, Task Management, and Video Meetings, into a single, highly effective communication hub. With such an app, you can quickly work through your email messages and still shift to the call functionality, without having to change to another software or browser. Combining such power communication tools into one app will make you more efficient and productive.


To further enhance your communication efficiency and productivity at the workplace, you will need an email app that can be customized to your individual needs. Since email Inbox is private, you should be able to customize it the way you like. The leading email service providers allow users to customise such aspects of their email account as text formatting, account icons, email signature, in-line reply colors, conversation views, and quick response shortcuts. This capability will enhance your email messaging experience significantly.

Based on such considerations, Mail bird is one of the best email apps today. Not only is this email app user-friendly and fast, but is also intuitive and aesthetically appealing. This client has all the required features for almost any email user today; may be used for business, office or personal purpose. Additionally, 3rd party developers may also develop and integrate social and productivity apps to the email platform offered by Mailbird. Such aspects make this email client the best option for enhanced productivity and communication experience.