The Perils of Instagram

While Lily Aldridge, a famous Victoria Secret’s Angel calls it something “she would die without”, Max Black from the Two Broke Girls says it is “Facebook for People Who Can’t Read”. Whatever the case may be, we cannot deny that Instagram is quite addictive.

Listed by Time magazine as one of the 50 Best Android Applications in 2013, Instagram has quickly gained the attention of people ever since it was released 5 years ago. With people clamouring left right and centre to gain followers and become one of the tops most sought out social media platforms ever. Instagram has taken the word “addiction” to a whole new level. With its users logging onto the website many times a day and posting pictures at an average of every 9 hours or so, one can say that a new term needs to be invented to define the hysteria associated with it.

The thing that needs to be emphasised here is that even though Instagram is a very cool portal to share your pictures and everything about you with your family and friends; it is not good in any way at all for your psychological wellbeing, especially if it is your 15-year-old child that is using it. The seemingly innocent Instagram is responsible for the following infractions:

Instagram Promotes Jealousy

It is quite true that it does. This jealousy not only stems from the fact that one of your child’s peers is wealthy enough to spend on buying the latest summer wear from Prada or Yves Saint Laurent but also from how they are able to visit exotic locations with their parents during the summers while your teenager is stuck at home with you. Not good for parent-child bonding eh?

The Follower Issue

Even if your child is being raised in a loving and caring family, the fact that he or she has fewer Instagram followers then so and so the friend of his or hers will certainly inspire the sort of wretched feeling that no amount of nurturing will help.


Makes Them Feel Miserable

No two lives lived are alike. No two stories spun are alike. Similarly, no two people in this world are the same hand by fates. Meaning, that whatever your child will potentially do to become popular on Instagram and to earn more followers, there is always going to be someone who is better. More attractive, more out-going, more popular, more photogenic, better at marketing themselves than your child. Such things can have your child feeling low and glum, which may also affect their academic performance.


Another reason for the torrential growth in the number of users that Instagram has seen in the recent years is not only because of their good marketing strategy but also because many cultural icons as well as celebrities are using it to promote themselves or to tell the world that they are just like us. While it may be alright for them, they also do post some very inappropriate content online that may not be something you may want your child to see and then replicate.


The thing about Instagram is, when your child is not able to gain followers by being their true selves on Instagram, they invent this persona of themselves that is much more sporty, outgoing or prettier than they themselves are. This may not only have a truly drastic affect on their self-esteem and mental health but also make them resent their true selves and their parents for not giving them the things the need to be their alternate ego.

The Bottom Line

Social approval is something we all sought out at one point of our lives or another. As adults, the kind of social approval we look for has the chance of improving our life and reaching self-actualization while on the other hand when teenagers look for approval, the portal the turn to aren’t as giving or nurturing. Instagram is one of such portals. While your teen may think it okay for them to click a picture every five minutes or so and upload it to Instagram, as a parent you must know that it isn’t so. Therefore, investing in spy application to keep an eye on what your child has been doing online in order to prevent the negative effects such activities may have on their lives potentially is something every parent should worry about and try to prevent at all costs. This way you can see what your child has been doing online and limit their Instagram use.

Elizbeth is a senior writer and blogger with the extensive potential of doing well. She loves to write on different topics like technology, gadgets, news, and also write on teenage issues and their solutions. Currently, she is working on internet monitoring software to protect kids from dangers of online activities. Follow he on twitter @elizbethsewell6