Making the choice about tutoring for your child

As a parent, there are so many different responsibilities that fall on you when your child is in school.  One of those things is making sure that they are doing well and understanding what they are being taught.  You have to keep yourself aware of the situation so that you can decide whether your child is in need of extra help.  There are great websites that offer free math tutoring online that make it easy, convenient, and affordable for you to get your child the help they need.

How can I tell if my child might need math tutoring?

  • Teacher communication

When you are a parent, communicating with your child’s teacher is key.  They are with your child during the learning process, so they see more in the classroom than you will ever be able to see.  You need to have a relationship with them that is open so that your child’s teacher will come to you if they notice anything that your child may be struggling with.  Keep updated often on how they are doing in each subject, including math, to see if they are in need of a tutor.

  • Loss of interest

While this is not always a guaranteed sign that your child is not doing well or understanding the subject matter, a sudden loss of interest in a subject can be a sign that they are struggling.  This is a good time to sit down with your child and talk to them about what is going on.  This is the only way to distinguish whether your child has just realized that they are not particularly fond of that subject or if they are losing interest because they don’t understand something they are being taught.

  • Falling grades

This is the easiest sign that something is wrong.  If you have a child that has been doing well in math previously and is starting to receive grades that are less than what you expect, there is a good chance that they do not understand something.  Again, this is a time to talk to your child.  If the grades are falling because they do not understand, then you can find a good math tutor for your child.  If that is not the reason, there is probably something else going on and it is a good reason to start a conversation with them regardless.

Math Tutor

  • Frustration

If you see your child doing homework or trying to do certain math things and getting increasingly frustrated, he or she is probably having a hard time understanding.  Getting a math tutor to explain it to them could be the best choice for you to make.

What should I look for in a good math tutor?

  • Experience

While experience is important, you do want to only make this a part of what you look at when trying to find a good tutor.  There are plenty of tutors available who may not have as much experience because they are recent graduates or are still in school themselves.  However, if you are wary about hiring someone that is young, you can look into people who have more experience with tutoring, such as a retired or current teacher.

  • Knowledge

It is important that the tutor have knowledge of the particular subject matter that your child is struggling with.  Just because the person has a general knowledge of math does not mean that they excel in the particular area that your child needs help in.  Find out what your child is struggling with specifically and ask the tutor if their expertise covers that area.

  • Reputation

Many times you can find a good tutor by reading reviews online or asking others who they used for tutoring.  You want to find someone with a good reputation so that you can trust them to do their job to the best of their ability.

If you are not taking advantage of the many free math tutoring programs available for you, then your child may suffer in the long run because they do not understand the concepts that are being discussed in class.  Do what you need to do for your child’s education and look into finding a tutor.