Picking the perfect pair of boots

Boots are one of the most stylish shoes that women are wearing right now, and there are so many different styles that you can wear them with everything.  While boots used to be something that was seen as more of a purposeful shoe rather than a shoe that was worn to be fashionable, that has drastically changed.  Times are now gone where ranch workers were the only ones wearing boots, and now they have become one of the most popular trends in the fashion world.  Women are becoming more and more experimental with what outfits can be worn with boots, and some are pushing the limits with funky styles and colors.  They can be the perfect accessory to your wardrobe.

What style boots are available?

  • Knee High

Knee High boots are one of the trendiest styles of boots right now.  There are many different variations in the styles that you can find in knee high boots, such as the type that lace up the side or front and the kind that zip up.  They can be worn with multiple types of outfits, from leggings to cute dresses, and they come in a variety of colors and fabrics.

  • Thigh High

Thigh high boots are not as commonly worn as knee high and calf boots, simply because they are not as comfortable or easy to wear.  They can cause issues when sitting down, so they are usually worn by people who are going to be wearing them for a shorter period of time and not necessarily sitting down very often.

  • Ankle

Ankle boots are the trendiest style of boot by far, with companies coming out with new color patterns and styles on a daily basis.  Celebrities, fashionistas, and everyday women alike are all picking out neutral colors of these ankle boots to wear with everyday outfits and funky patterns to spice up an outfit and make it fun!  Ankle boots can come in a flat, wedge, or heel style, which gives them a lot of versatility.

  • Calf

Calf boots are a great middle point between ankle boots and knee high boots.  They are very comfortable and come up to the mid calf part of your leg.  They tend to come in similar styles as knee high boots.

Pair of boots

  • Work boots

Work boots are often part of a safety requirement for people who work in a factory or construction setting.  Many businesses require their employees to wear steel-toed boots to keep their feet safe from accidents or hazards that could potentially occur in the workplace.  Workers that do not have these shoes are not allowed to work on the site until the shoes are purchased.

What materials can I buy?

  • Leather

Buying a quality brand of leather boots will provide you with a comfortable, hand-crafted boot that gives you all of the support you need while still being absolutely beautiful.  Leather boots come in many different styles and can come in stiff or soft leather, so there is a lot of versatility that can come from buying leather.  While some people prefer not to buy leather, it still remains to be one of the most popular materials for women’s and men’s fashion boots.

  • Suede

Suede is softened leather that results in a very soft, different texture than you would have with a leather boot.   They can be more difficult to clean if something actually spills on the shoe or if you step in something that gets on your shoe, simply because of how the shoe itself is made.  For dust and regular cleaning, however, it performs just the same as other materials.

  • Rubber

Rubber boots are generally not necessarily used for fashion.  These rubber boots are usually used to protect the foot from things such as water.  One trend in rubber boots that does create a fashionable end result is the manufacturing of rain boots.  Designers have started creating very attractive designs with prints that are eye catching and trendy, so people are buying more and more rain boots.  They can be worn to not only protect the feet, but protect the bottom of your pants!

Picking the perfect pair of boots doesn’t have to be stressful.  There are many companies that offer top of the line products, it can be easy to look through the different styles and materials and select one that is going to provide you with the aesthetic look you are going for as well as the quality and comfort you need.  Boots are stylish any time of year, so find the right pair for you today!