Top 10 Handbag Brands For Fashion Addicts

A fashion addict’s life is often quite eventful. There are days when they go hustling over the town to find that perfect black dress. And, then there a few other days, when you can find them going gaga over the web looking for the best accessories. It can be quite tough you know.

Are you a fashion addicting yourself? Did you just agree to all that is written above? Well, we empathize! If the next fashion mission of yours involves handbags, today is your lucky day! We’re listing down the 10 must-have handbag brands here. Browse and let us know if you have all these in your collection.

  1. Chanel

First on the list is Chanel! Being one of the most opulent handbag brands in the world, it is one that you must have in your closet. Chanel was launched by Coco Chanel in the year 1909 and ever since it has been one of the most luxurious and classy brands in the world. Be it a movie premier, Met Gala or the Oscars, Chanel bags are loved by most celebrities.


  1. Givenchy

Givenchy is a French brand, which is popular for its stunning range of designer handbags. Also, Givenchy is a brand popular for its haute couture clothing, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics. If you want to buy something from one of the leading handbag brands in the world, you can pick Givenchy Mini Pandora Bag. There are several other options for you to choose from.

  1. Louis Vuitton

Talking about the finest handbag brands for fashion addicts and then missing Louis Vuitton would be foolish. It is a luxury brand popular for its signature monogrammed apparel, chic handbags and luggage.

  1. Celine

For those who love leather bags and goods, Celine is the most impeccable brand to invest in. They have been into the ready-to-wear fashion goods business since the early 60s. While planning to buy a bag from this brand, make sure you check out the Celine Tie Bag, which is a super useful tote. It can be an ideal choice for a travel bag as it can accommodate almost everything. Also, it has a chic design and intricate detailing.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana

How can we miss this out? It is imperative for a fashion addict to have a handbag or two from this brand in the collection. Dolce and Gabbana is the knight from the fashion world that crafts the most beautiful bags of all times. Most of their bags have a classy design and can accommodate a world full of accessories.

  1. Fendi

For those who simply love Italian handbags, Fendi is the brand to invest in. Established in the year 1925, this luxury fashion house is known for designing the popular “baguette” or B handbags. These fashionable bags are available in black crocodile, white lambskin etc and cost around $28,000.

  1. Prada

Prada is crafting a beautiful and bespoke range of leather handbags. They are also popular for their apparels, cosmetics, watches, shoes and jewelry.

  1. Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a coveted French fashion house that produces a wide range of adorable and expensive range of bags. Their ‘Motorcycle Bag’ is the most popular one. It has fringes, soft leather, and thimble like hardware.

  1. Saint Laurent

A Saint Laurent bag is an ineffable fashion accessory. Celebrities like Ashley Benson, Erin Andrews Angelina Jolie are often seen sporting Saint Laurent bags. These are made from premium-quality material and have a stunning design.


  1. Hermes

We don’t understand how a fashion addict can miss out a Hermes bag, especially, the one like Birkin bag. You can spot Hermes bags on the arms of most celebrities in their daily lives. Hermes was founded by Thierry Hermès, a German-born, French-bred man, in the year 1837. These bags are so popular and superior quality that they sell at a price of everywhere between $15000 and $150000.

You can find these bags online. If your budget is lower you can also search for discounts, and why not get a pre-owned one. Don’t forget to always check for the authenticity of the bag, I personally check them at before buying just to make sure I don’t waste my money.

So, now that the list is out, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get these today!