Accounting and Taxation Services for Agricultural and Farming Businesses

Most of the people think that farming is just about sticking to the land and getting back to it. But the truth is that farming has changed a lot. These days, farmers are not only busy harvesting their crops but also they have to deal with ever-evolving taxation laws and their benefits.  Many farmers are unaware of what benefits they can get and that’s the main reason they lack behind. In order to be successful, farmers need good productions; also they need to be extraordinary financial accountants but these two things are not possible simultaneously and here come the importance and need of a Farm Accountant.

My father was a farmer and I know that how many problems they have to deal with.  Farming literally is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of investments, financial planning, government benefits, and accurate farm records. But a common man does not know all these things. All they know is that they have to do farming for their living. I remember once my father sells one portion of land to clear the debts. Now that’s seriously was so much shocking for me. So I was discussing these stuff with my friends and they suggested to get the advice from one of the best accountancy firm “Campbell Dallas” at least once. At first, I just ignored it, but soon I saw my organization accountants talking about the firm.  So I decided to call them.

With diverse experience and deep proficiency, they are capable of provisioning full-time accounting and tax services to the farming and agriculture industry. Campbell Dallas is very familiar with the tax benefits and depreciation for farmers, cash flow management and other government-run agricultural programs. Moreover, they are capable to address every query on production deductions, crop insurance, depreciation and equipment acquisition for ranchers and farmers.

Most importantly they are very well aware of all the complexities and challenges that farmers are facing and consistently stay on the curve with these complexities. They are also well positioned to form an accounting program that perfectly suits the requirements of farm accounting to accomplish the financial goals of every farmer.

Listed below are few benefits that they promise to deliver to every farmer:

  • Measure the progress and efficiency
  • Help in curtailing tax burden while enhancing the expenses to be claimed
  • Make tax preparations easier
  • Helping farmers in simplification of the loan process

Campbell Dallas has worked with small, medium and large scale farmers to expand their efficiency for many years, helping agricultural businesses by keeping their records intact and up-to-date by maximizing their assets, by utilizing some of the most versatile and advanced financial tools that make agriculture accounting easier and much more economical.

They work really hard to make sure that the landowners and farmers are always in the receipt to the best piece of advice and in a timely manner. Approaches used by them are truly very professional, flexible. And clients also feel even more proud whenever they recommend referrals to the organization.

They provide proactive and constructive advice which is aimed to minimize the tax liabilities and fortifying their wealth for the coming generations. Determining the importance of protecting farmer’s wealth and assets, they have proficient experts who have multiyear experience in capital and tax gains.

The positive point to their organization is that they have close relations with some rural professionals to make things easier for farmers and the individuals associated with agriculture. Some of the solutions they provide to clients with:

  • Cash Flow Analysis: To make sure that there’s always sufficient cash, they monitor each and every financial activity in order to evaluate the total amount of money moving in and moving out in a particular lap of time.
  • Financial Forecasts and Projections: Farming is ever evolving as the volatile prices go up and down on daily basis. But their main goal is to turn the key in favor of clients by forecasting the financial situations and making clearer projections.
  • Year-End Tax Planning: This may be the toughest time for most of the farmers as planning the tax takes hardship and knowledge, but they plan tax in such a way that you get the maximizing benefit while owing a small amount of tax to be paid.
  • Family and Estate Planning: Your agricultural business is not only limited to you, so they make sure that it always thrive to be fruitful for your coming generations. Plans and recommendations suggested are designed individually for every client to suit his/her requirements while delivering positive outcomes.


The agriculture industry is running through a set of complexities and volatile commodity prices. And what makes the Campbell Dallas Leader is having strong links with agriculture and land practices experts and they know the best measures to turn things into beneficial and fructuous. In order to strive and survive, clientele must be profitable and for that, they offer superior financial advice regarding new agricultural ventures and diversification.