Taking care of hair from dandruff starts with knowing the cause

No one likes the white scrappy dandruff in their hair and it comes even more embarrassing when it starts falling off and you can see it on your shoulders as well. Dandruff is not harmful but the condition is not healthy for your skin as well as the scalp. You must have tried my ways of removing dandruff but the best way is to stop it from happening itself. For that, you need to know the causes which create the problem of dandruff. So here are some of the reasons which are the cause of dandruff.

Irritated skin of the scalp

The oily skin condition can lead to the problem of seborrheic dermatitis. It is a condition in which the oily skin is covered with flaky white or yellow scales which is commonly known as dandruff. This type of problem arises in those parts o the body which is rich in oil glands. The oily part becomes the home for dandruff and it can be found near nostrils, armpits, back of the ear or in the head.

Not washing enough

Like you are taking care of your body, our hairs are needed to be taken care of properly. Not washing the hair on time or for so long can lead to the problem of dandruff. The scalp becomes dry and more prone to dandruff. If you have a condition of dry hair then the use of best shampoo for dry hair and dandruff are highly recommended. You should wash your hair twice a week or more if required. If they are not washed properly, dandruff will make it home and you will face a lot of problems.

Dandruff treatment


Many of the people are unknown of this fact and take it lightly. But this is one of the major factors which cause the problem of dandruff. If you are taking the stress, the chances of having dandruff are more to the person who is stress-free. Another reason which comes in this category is proper diet. Our diet plays an important role in how we look. The proper diet will also help in removing dandruff from the root cause. When you start eating healthy, you can see the change in the body.

Air pollution

The new world is full of dust particles and pollutants which are directly affecting our hair and skin. Not only from outside, but they are also creating problems inside our body as we. The pollutants present in the air and damage the skin and cause irritated skin which causes dandruff in the scalp.

So these were some of dandruff. Now that you are aware of the cause, make sure you care for your hair and do not let dandruff to make a hold in your scalp. You can also use ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo which will give you the best of the result. So let your hair and scalp breath and keep them healthy by avoiding these things, as who wouldn’t love to flaunt silky smooth dandruff free hair.