The Changing Home Plumbing Trends In 2018-19

It might not be so important to many people, but the responsible homeowners are fully aware of the value of plumbing in a house because plumbing is linked everywhere in your house. From your sinks and toilets to the water heaters, all come under the plumbing department. As everything changes, the plumbing trends have also started to change and upgrade. With every passing year, people want something new and classy in their home renovations and these latest plumbing trends of 2018 are surely for you if you are also one of the people who are always ready for a change.

Tankless Water Heaters

The plumbing services for the water heaters were very different before the addition of the tankless water heaters. Before the tankless water heaters, people had to pay more utility bills because of the constant working of the heater. By installing tankless water heaters, you can save a lot on your bills because the heater will turn on only when you turn on the faucet to use the hot water.

Frameless Showers with Sound System

This can be termed as the most interesting trend changer in the plumbing department. With the new innovation of showers coming with sound systems. The frameless shower complements the look of your bathroom and you can enjoy every bath with your favorite music playing on the background while you relax. These modern showers are manufactured with a technology through which you can even turn the water coming out from your shower into a rainbow.

Free-Standing Bathtubs

You will not believe that the standing bathtubs are back in the trend and its comeback is making a blast in the plumbing industry. The benefit of a free-standing bathtub is that firstly, you can even change its position and secondly, it takes lesser space in your bathrooms so that your movement in the bathroom is easy.

Newer Toilets

New toilet models and frames are being introduced in which the dual toilet system is getting the most popularity. Now you can install a dual flush toilet one of which will be used to conserve water, while the other one will be for the large-volume usage. You can simply hire a plumbing service and ask them to rejuvenate your bathrooms with this new addition.

Handled Showers

The handled showers are getting more and more focus on homeowners to increase the glamour and charm of their bathrooms. Not only does it take lesser space, but it can also be used for several purposes and you can also adjust its placement and height level according to your own needs and requirements. The handled showers are really handy to use and a cost-effective solution for multi-purpose water usage.

Touchless Faucets And Sinks

Isn’t it amazing that you do not have to even touch your faucet and your work is done? The classy and modernize way of introducing faucet and sinks have made them touchless which means the water will come out only by sensing your hands underneath. This faucet style is the most trending in the plumbing industry because of its water-saving benefit.

The Unique Fixture Finishing

Matte has become the new trend this year for the finishing of your plumbing fixtures. People are now more aware of the things that can make their homes look elegant, classy, and awe-inspiring that is why a larger community has started up with installing matte finishing fixtures in their kitchens and bathrooms to break the traditional fixture installations.

Heat Flooring

With the elimination of baseboard heating systems, radiant floor heating has taken their place that is a more effective and cost-friendly way of heating your house. If you have any type of allergy, you are more likely to go for the radiant heat flooring because this one reduces the entrance of any allergens through the air ducts.