Android Spy Apps for Snapchat

The Snapchat is a mobile application, which is developed exclusively for sharing texts, drawing, photos and videos. It was introduced in the year 2011 by Snap Inc. It globally gained a huge reception and popularity within a short span, which now supports over 20 languages. The distinguishing thing about this app is that the multimedia data shared through Snapchat self-destructs within a few seconds after viewing. It means that the photos/videos you share through it, are auto-deleted within moments.

Its rampage still continues, as the list of its users gets huge, every year. Especially young people are seemed to be more interested in using this chatting app. Owing to its notorious usage amongst youngsters, the parents are much worried on, the things they share through Snapchat. For this reason, a spy snap app is used by them to monitor their kids’ Snapchat account. Now, we are going to discuss the various Android Snapchat spying applications.

Android Snapchat Spying Applications

The Android platform holds a massive share of the global smartphone market, next to iOS. Various mobile applications are developed, predominantly based on the iOS and Android platforms. And here, we are going to discuss some of the various Android apps that spy on Snapchat activities. It is well-known that the Google Play Store is continuously populated with various spyware every day. These spy apps help parents to monitor and to restrict their children’s technology abuse. Let’s see about, three from several of such apps.

  • mSpy
  • Mobile spy
  • SpyBubble


mSpy App

Mspy is one of the leading software program, which is commonly used by business owners and parents. This software serves an excellent parental control for monitoring their children’s activities, without their knowledge. It also helps business owners to supervise their employees.

In regards to the Snapchat, it stands as a very good spy snap tool that easily tracks the whole flow of media data via Snapchat. It also saves a copy of the multimedia (photos/videos) files, in its control panel. Thus, even the receiver could view the photos/videos only for 10 seconds, but you can view it any time needed when spied with mSpy.

Mobile spy

Mobile spy is one of the popular smartphone spyware. It helps the users by providing the information about various activities performed on a mobile device, in which it is installed. It is a good spyware for Snapchat that easily tracks the inbound/outbound conversations, and delivers it to its users, without their knowledge.


It is one of the well-reputed and classic mobile phone monitoring software that allows you to detect every activity performed on the mobile phones. It features an easy installation and a hassle-free monitoring process. When it comes to Snapchat, it is a decent option to spy on it. However, some users have complained that it has missed tracking several conversations. Also, it doesn’t seem to be robust, in comparison with the mSpy.

Thus, there are many spy snap for android available in the market, which gives out effective performance to spy on Snapchat conversations of the targeted smartphones. However, each one has its own disadvantages. Therefore, it is very important that you have to be meticulous while choosing one for you.