Graphics Design Services: Design Trend Is Changing

Graphics Design Services: Design Trend Is Changing

Graphics design services can do wonders for your branding and online presence. Your online presence is enhanced when you use the latest colors and follow the latest trend. A graphic designer not only helps you create an awesome website, but they also create the logo, brochures, product packaging, and stationery for your brand. When you are planning an event, the designers make eye-catchy banners to draw more visitors to your booth.

Here we discuss the topmost trends for 2019. Designers are currently working in various directions, but most are leaning towards 3D, frameless compositions, flying & floating elements, vibrant & dreamy colors, liquid effect, metallic effect, outline typography, text with the background, and alternative art.


To add more depth to a design, 3D will continue to gain momentum. Viewers will be able to throw themselves into the design at first sight. Designers will like to recreate previous designs that take us in the past or the future or to another world altogether. 3D Typography is also in as it grabs attention sooner and holds it in place.

Frameless Compositions

Designers are ditching the frames to make open compositions. They believe there is no need to make a design look finished by using any sort of borders. Designs are now more open and breezier and show only a slice of the pie.  This adds an infinite feel to their creation as they want to communicate something ongoing through their art. It is easy for them to play with various parts of the design in their new compositions. Stylish web design will include wide open compositions.

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Flying & Floating Elements

After seeing flying cars and people we will see more of flying objects and elements in 2019. This is to create a feeling of freedom. Elements will be seen floating in and out of a screen depicting a non-gravity setting.  Designs are made more realistic by using both anti-gravity and 3D. If you have an in-house designer or rely on graphics design services, ask them to play around with the latest trends and then buff up the designs to your liking.  Jive up the composition with floating elements in 3D. You can do the same for packaging design.  When the product package seems like it is coming from another world, buyers are more attracted to it as compared to other items on the same store shelf. Consumer emotions are best provoked by motion.

Vibrant & Dreamy Colors

Designers want to create an alternative experience by using bright and vibrant colors with dull and dreamy colors. This is in an effort to make the design look futuristic. Designers are aiming at creating modish compositions using 3D techniques with sharp color transitions and gradients to achieve boldness. In 2018, the color of the year was Ultra Violet and for 2019 it is Living Coral. This color is full of life and will look good with a hint of gold. In 2019, you will see more of electric yellows, dazzling corals and bright blues. These will replace the colors of the past.

Fluid Effect

The surface of water, oil and other liquids will be used in graphic design to achieve a fluid look. The typography looks great on a fluid background. The fluid effect adds a sense of freedom and we will be seeing a lot of it in 2019. Web designers will also use fluids in their various states and thickness in the background of their compositions to add an air of mystery.

Metallic Effect

Shine, shine, shine! In 2019 expect to see a lot of metallic shine especially in gold and silver. To get an exclusive look metallic colors have been used since decades, and now we will see more of it on packaging design. The use of shimmering colors adds a rich look to any package. Consumers are attracted to rich looking packages on store shelves.

Outline Typography

Typography follows a trend like other design elements of a composition.  Some trends stay longer while others fade away faster. Since a few years, outline typography is gaining more popularity and it is expected to get even more popular in 2019. The typeface has to be interactive with other design elements. In web designs and graphic designs, we would be seeing a lot of outlined text; some filled but most not filled.

Text with Background

To achieve a rebellious look to their compositions, designers will be using text with the background. This was a very old practice and will be used in 2019 to get a jumpy look. The text will be made to pop out of the background to instill youthfulness and energy.


Alternative Art

To make their work look outstanding, designers will use various types of strokes, stains, and spots. Expect to see more info-graphics with doodles and freestyle illustrations. In an attempt to go offbeat, designers will be creating artsy graphics to make a mark.

All in all, in 2019, we will be seeing graphic design coming out of the boring zone to an adventurous arena. More brands will add vivid colors to their palettes. You will see a unique combination of colors, shapes, strokes, spots, and stains.  In infographics, you will see more of doodles. To create innovation, designers will play with alternative technique and styles.

Brands work hard to get attention from the market. The use of professional graphic design services allows them to achieve their business goals and enhance branding.  These design firms will create your marketing collateral, websites, and blogs using the latest trends and techniques. Consumers and prospects get attracted to novel things and the Graphics Design Services Houston will create innovative designs for your company.